Owner, Layla Arendell

Contact Email: info@gracepearljewelry.com

About Me

Hi, I’m Layla

a Christian soon-to-be college freshman. Youngest of three siblings. Daughter of an entrepreneur and a businessman.

You may wonder what made a teenager want to become an entrepreneur, instead of an employee.

Don’t get me wrong – I think that working for someone can be great. I worked at a local chain for nearly a year, and recently returned to temporarily work on the weekends. It’s taught me a lot of social skills; however, it just isn’t for me. I decided that I wanted to pursue my own small business, and I landed on jewelry. Not the plastic bead jewelry that your five-year-old daughter makes in her bedroom (I do actually make mine in my bedroom), but high-quality jewelry.

Pearl necklaces really seemed to tug on me the most. I’m a simple person, for one. I don’t like to wear anything fancy, usually just a plain necklace. Pearls are really versatile, and – come on – who doesn’t like a pearl and leather choker?

Since I highly value authenticity, versatility, and quality when it comes to the necklaces I make, it’s a must to have genuine pearls and leather. And it’s a bonus when you can pair them together and use any necklace for almost any occasion.

I may be new to the business world, but I am surrounded with experienced individuals, including my parents. As I gain more experience, I will plan on adding to the inventory, as well as different types of jewelry, so stay tuned.