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Comforter – Braided Choker


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Comforter – Braided Choker


A braided leather choker with 6 chocolate pearls & a gold baroque freshwater pearl. Standard clasp. Gold pearl is 10-11 mm in diameter. Additional information:
  • Each piece comes with a sample of Shea butter for leather conditioning since genuine leather can wear over time.
  • No genuine pearl is perfect since every pearl will be slightly unique in size and shape and hue.
Product verse: “I, even I, am He who comforts you. Who are you that you should be afraid Of a man who will die, And of the son of a man who will be made like grass?” – Isaiah 51:12

Comforter - Braided Choker

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14 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch

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